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Effective communication is the key to change for success!

We offer consulting and coaching sessions, 1-on-1 and group training, customized Lunch and Learn, half-day, and multi-theme interactive workshops and seminars on-site or off. Based upon theoretical and practical knowledge, the following communication themes towards change are designed to help you communicate confidently and effectively in various professional, social, and personal settings. Please review the list of topics under each theme and let us know which themes meet your specific needs. We will then tailor a package to your best results:

Consulting and coaching for Strategic Leadership

Topics to be covered:

  • Problem definition and root cause identification

  • Change Management Principles and Methodology

  • Digital Business Transformation

  • Strategic planning for OCM

  • Dealing with resistance and facilitating adoption & usage

  • Business communication requirements

  • Target audiences/stakeholders and media analysis

  • Communication plan: internal/external

  • Excellent customer relations

  • Improving workplace/organizational culture

  • Strategies for effective business communication

  • Public speaking and presentation skills for managers

  • Leading decision making and sales meetings

  • Online meeting facilitation techniques

  • Handling difficult people and resolving conflict/issues

  • Interpersonal communication techniques for management

  • Leading an inter-generational workplace

  • Dealing with stress

Business Consultation training Coaching

Professional Communication

Topics to be covered:

  • Business communication process

  • Audience analysis

  • Non-verbal Communication

  • Oral Communication

  • Writing business style messages

  • Business documents: emails, letters, etc.

  • Routine/direct messages

  • Persuasive and sales communication

  • Delivering bad news

  • Informal business reports

  • Business formal reports and proposals

  • Social media and mobile communication

Professional Communication

Presentation & Public Speaking

Topics to be covered:

  • Online presentation techniques

  • Face-to-face communication process

  • Non-verbal communication

  • Preparing for oral business presentations

  • Delivering effective types of presentations

  • Effective visual aids in presentations

  • Confidence building and Dealing with stage fright

  • The sales pitch that sells

  • Handling questions

  • Managing meetings

  • Communicating by phone and phone etiquette

Public Speaking Presentation

Business Writing in the Age of Digital Transformation

Topics to be covered:

  • Business communication process in the digital age

  • Digital target audience analysis

  • Steps into crafting effective messages for electronic media

  • Internal/external communication

  • Social media business communication

  • Short workplace messages and digital media

  • Positive vs. negative messages

  • Persuasive and sales communication

  • Human side of digital media

Global Digital Business Transformation

Business English

Topics to be covered:

  • Business messages: North American style

  • Correct grammar in use and sentence structure

  • Effective paragraphs

  • Business document formats

  • Punctuation

  • Business idioms

  • Common mistakes in English and confusables

  • Proofreading

Business English

Intercultural Communication

Topics to be covered:

  • The growing importance of intercultural communication in the age of global digital business transformation

  • Understanding workplace culture

  • Cultural diversity in the workplace: Benefits and challenges

  • Non-verbal intercultural cues and communication

  • North American values and beliefs

  • Canada, US, and cultural diversity: A mosaic or a melting pot?

  • Analyzing intercultural audiences

  • High and low culture communication styles

  • Intercultural workplace adaptation

  • Strategies to improve intercultural face-to-face and written communication skills,

  • Managing intercultural teams effectively

Communicologists Intercultural communication

Business Etiquette & Professionalism

Topics to be covered:

  • Why professionalism is important

  • Netiquette

  • Understanding workplace culture

  • North American business protocol

  • Professional boundaries and behaviours

  • Non-verbal cues in professional communication

  • North American business values and beliefs

  • Formal and informal workplaces style

  • Diversity in the workplace communication and misinterpretations

  • Effective body language in business communication

  • Professional vs. unprofessional oral and written communication

  • Professional ethics

  • Techniques to improving business etiquette for success

Communicologists Business Etiquette Professionalism

Nonverbal Communication

Topics to be covered:

  • Why nonverbal communication is so important

  • Elements of nonverbal communication

  • Nonverbal communication and cultures

  • Effective body language in business settings

  • Nonverbal communication in digital media

  • Techniques to improve nonverbal communication skills

Communicologists Nonverbal Communication

Interpersonal Communication

Topics to be covered:

  • Communication as personal power

  • How to connect with everyone

  • Nonverbal communication

  • How to build up personal, social, and professional relationships

  • Techniques of persuasion and influence

  • People skills and workplace diversity

  • Intergenerational communication

  • Problem solving techniques

  • Giving and getting feedback

  • Online connectivity and socialization

Communicologists Interpersonal Communication

Conflict Resolution

Topics to be covered:

  • Conflicts in the workplace/business teams

  • Miscommunication and conflicts: Verbal and non-verbal

  • Workplace diversity and issues

  • Delivering bad news

  • Techniques to communicate effectively and deal with conflict

  • Handling complaints and conflict with customers and vendors

  • Dealing with stress

Communicologists Conflicts Resolution

Customer/Client Service and Communication

Topics to be covered:

  • Understanding why customer service is important

  • Communication process in excellent customer care and service

  • Audience analysis in customer care

  • Nonverbal communication in customer service

  • Persuasive communication

  • Strategic communication in customer service

  • Delivering unfavorable news

  • Techniques to improve face-to-face, phone, on-line customer service and communication skills

  • Intergenerational communication leadership

  • Handling difficult situations and customer complaints

  • Dealing with stress

Communicologists Customer/Client Services

Employment Communication

Topics to be covered:

  • Setting career goals and qualifications

  • Persuasive application letter and resume

  • Job interview preparation

  • Techniques to succeed in a professional interview

  • How to handle behavioural questions

  • Effective nonverbal communication in job interviews

  • Follow-up employment communication

  • Telework (working from home) facts

Communicologists employment
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